Giles Askham

Giles Askham is a Senior lecturer at London Metropolitan University. He is an artist and curator, he founded peterborough digital arts in 2003 and curated its award winning program for two years, working on exhibitions such as; Freefall, Lovely Weather, Re:Thinking:Time and Sequences.

He now works independently, and collaborates with other artists and organisations on media arts projects that explore the social implications of our relationships with new technology. He has worked previously with Furtherfield as the coordinator and lead curator of the exhibition Game/Play, a project that explored playful interaction and goal-oriented gaming through media arts practice. He has written widely for publication and has exhibited internationally.

His current research examines the Human-Computer Interface and explores the possibilities that technology affords us to communicate, interact and play with one and other.

Luke Hastilow

With an academic background in Electronics and Software Engineering, Luke Hastilow currently works as a Lecturer in Music Technology and Audio Systems at London Metropolitan University. Hastilow has been exploring the symbiosis of art and technology since childhood, from the exploration of synthesizers and circuit-bending, to the design of real-time embedded systems technology for robotics on TV.

Recent projects include the authorship and publication of audio-based software, and the collaborative creation of installations such as Wall-Ball (exhibited in Germany, London, and New York).

His current research examines the Human-Computer Interface, exploring the development of transparent ubiquitous computing technology, and carrying out practice-based research that brings such concepts to life. Current projects include the development of miniature sensor interfaces for use in the arts, cellular automata systems, and the exploration of wireless computing technology embedded into intelligent objects.


Askham and Hastilow met at the Digital Arts Media and Technology Action Group (DAMTAG) a cross-departmental research group at London Metropolitan University, where they came to appreciate their shared research interests and commitment to collaborative practice.  In the short time they have worked together, they have created gallery installations and written conference papers. The commissioning of Cubed3 by Folly will enable the duo to further develop their collaborative practice, by working on a substantial bespoke project that provides the time to enable a thorough exploration of their research interests.

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